Advice for CEOs From a Business Coach

Be clear about the objective.
Pick one objective and start with that. One thing that you need to start doing now across the board that will help all business processes. This will give you focus. When you are focused, you are successful. For example, you have a new product launch and you want to make sure customer service is people-focused. You can use resources such as Monday to plan and track your business goals and their progress. You must put procedures in place, motivate your team to follow those procedures and then enact them when clients come in or call. It’s one task that has many smaller tasks within it. However, you’re keeping your eyes on the prize and on the bigger picture so you can succeed.

Let people think about how they’ll implement the objective.
You’ve got to let the juices flow and you’ll get lots of ideas for how to implement the objective, but that’s good. This is where you get your best – and worst – ideas. Hold onto the best and toss the worst. Do what’s doable and toss aside what isn’t.

You have to be willing and able to hear what other people have to say about your business and put it into action. You can’t be a passive listener. If the suggestion is valid, then implement it. You have to be willing to hear bad news and not fall to pieces when you do hear it. You have to build a tough skin to be a business owner, but not be so tough that you can’t be tender enough to listen to others and really give them the feedback to know they’ve been heard. Walking that fine line will make you very successful.

Check motivation.
How is your team motivated? Do they want to do what you’ve tasked them to do? G Suite provides excellent resources to video conference and chat online within your business to maximize productivity and communication. Check in with them once in a while and see how it is on the front lines. Don’t be so removed from the inner workings of your business that you get out of touch. Make sure you motivate your team to keep them working on the tasks you want to get accomplished. If you don’t, they may not get accomplished.
We hope these business coaching tips you can apply today will help you get your business where it needs to go.

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