Low-Budget Ideas for Small Business Marketing

4 Small Business Marketing Cost-Effective Tips

Small business marketing doesn’t have to be expensive.

It may be time-consuming, but not expensive. You can market your small business on a shoestring budget these days.

In this article, we’ll give you some low-budget ideas for small business marketing.

We hope they help you market your small business the way you want to.

Use your website to publish great content

Great web content is always a good idea.

There are great free resources out there that can help you manage your web content, such as WordPress.

Optimizing web content keeps search engines happy and your customers too.

People love shareable posts. Think of top ten lists, tip collections, and best practices for your industry, for example.

When web content is shared, it boosts your search engine ranking and gets more viewers to see what you’ve written and hopefully decide to use your business.

If you write compelling content for a long time and it keeps getting shared and picked up, you could be seen as a thought leader.

That’s something that could help your business skyrocket.

Of course, just start with at least one blog post a week and see how that goes.

You may want to freshen up the rest of your site and make sure it is keyword-optimized for your industry.

Give stuff away

People love getting free stuff.

You can grow your business by going to events and giving away free sessions or products depending on what business you’re in.

Try to put a value on the giveaway so people know they’re getting something special.

People love to think they’re getting a bargain.

It is fun and you get to meet a lot of people who might otherwise know nothing about your business.

Network for small business marketing

Attend networking events with other entrepreneurs and try to build partnerships with them.

Try to speak at meetings and present yourself intelligently and knowledgeably.

Show that you know your stuff about your business.

Offer to help with networking events and maybe host one or two at your place of business if you have one or a local company that you could partner up with if not.

Always look for potential in contact. Getting to know new people can only help your business grow.

Send a weekly Email

Include interesting and unique content in your email, something shareable.

This is a great way to build an ongoing relationship with customers.

If you have any special offers, include them in the email.

That way your preferred customers get first crack at anything you have going.

They’ll feel special and may decide to share the content with others which extends your network of knowability.

Constant Contact is a valuable email marketing resource that provides email templates and website-building tools.

We can help you

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