April is Local Business Month, Austin!

The Austin Independent Business Alliance (AIBA) has deemed April to be Local Business Month. That means there are events, specials, announcements, sales, and more all month long. In this article, we’ll discuss AIBA as in who they are and what they do as well as what Local Business Month means to businesses and consumers.

What’s the Austin Independent Business Alliance (AIBA)?

The Austin Independent Business Alliance (AIBA) began in 2002 when a group of local business owners met to “explore the idea that local was a community value, that independent businesses built this city, reflect our culture and provide the things needed for a fulfilled life.” They believed that local businesses were vital to the local economy and kept our community creative and vibrant. This movement began with the formation of the AIBA. It’s a nonprofit alliance that speaks for local business owners and helps keeps funds in Austin, being spent on local businesses that keep Austin economically alive.
Their mission is to “promote and support locally owned businesses through advocacy, consumer education, and services to their members.”

What is Local Business Month?

April is Local Business Month in Austin. It actually kicked off with a Proclamation at City Hall on March 27th and will end on April 24th with the Armadillo Awards honoring local businesses. The Armadillo Awards take place at the Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane, beginning at 5:30 pm. There will be a reception featuring food, drinks, music, and “surprise amusements.” After the carnival quiets down for the evening, the awards ceremony begins. Categories are as unique as Austin businesses.

There are awards for “Local Austin Hangout,” “Green Local Business”, “Austin Customer Experience” and more. The public votes for businesses online. The finalists and winners are decided that way.

How can businesses participate in Local Business Month?

Have a sale, a special event. It can last a day or a whole month. Just makes sure you let AIBA know so they can include it in their marketing.

Display the marketing materials in your businesses. There are posters and table tents to pretty up your locale.
Sponsor the Armadillo Awards. There’s a special $250 sponsorship open to AIBA members.

Host an AIBA benefit day. Give a portion of your sales back to AIBA for a day or more. As a nonprofit, they appreciate the assistance.
Volunteer for the IBIZ District events and at the Armadillo Awards.

How can consumers participate in Local Business Month?

Shop locally as often as you can. We need your support as always.

Vote for the Armadillo Awards. Get vocal for local. Encourage others to shop locally too. Your voice matters.

Take part in special events that benefit AIBA. A portion of your shopping proceeds will go to fund our programs.

Just have fun and do what you always do to make Austin unique and our local shops a significant contributor to the economy.
For more information on The Austin Independent Business Alliance and Local Business Month, including sponsorships for the Armadillo Awards, you can contact Rebecca at 512-441-2123 or by email at .

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