How to List Your Small Business Online

Being accurately listed online is imperative to proper business functioning; below we will discuss the basic Do’s and Don’ts of online listing for small businesses.

Here is an insightful Search Engine Land article that highlights how many companies have unintentionally misleading and incorrect information listed about them online.

Take the time to step away from the important but common “I need to rank higher in search engine results!” thought process and focus on an equally important undertaking – “I want people that find my business’ listings online to be given completely correct information!”
After all, what is the point of getting people to all your search listings when the information there is inaccurate?

Be The Customer

Spend some time researching your business results in search engines. Google is important as a prominent search engine, but don’t forget that some of your potential customers are using alternate search engines such as Bing and Yahoo Search. Test all of them and see if you come across misinformation including outdated addresses, phone numbers, employee information, photos, and more.

We’ve heard stories of people using Google Maps to head to a business they were interested in only to find that the location isn’t there anymore. Additionally, some customers have called a phone number that is listed as a business’ single contact only to have a homeowner pick up the phone! This highlights the importance of accurate, up-to-date online management.

What To Do

Get to work! You need to visit a lot of online listings and make sure your business’ information is fully there. These listing sites often refer to this process as “Claiming” your business. Be sure to do this on Yelp, Foursquare and many more pages that you will begin to come across in your research.

This process might sound overwhelming, but setting aside a full day or two to update all your listings will (literally) pay off in the long run. Make it a regular process! Check back each month on your business’ results to stay with it. Consider using an organization tool such as Monday to schedule when you want to do this.

Make It Happen

If you Google your own business’ website, are you pleased with the results? Do you feel all the information to be found in the search results to be present and correct? Would taking on the task of claiming your business on several different sites take up too much of your free time? Search Engine Optimization tools such as BeRush and SEOPressor could assist you in this process and allow you to maximize your online traffic.

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