Your Business’s Mobile Presence

The amount of people that are attempting to use your site with their smartphones and tablets is astronomical. It is imperative to format and optimize your website for mobile devices in order to reach the maximum number of customers possible.

The Numbers

Over 80% of individuals in the United States own a smartphone. Additionally, over 50% of Americans own a tablet. Those are your customers, fans, potential clients, etc.!
The growth of your mobile audience is expanding to the point where you need to be positive your business is properly represented on all the devices that people are likely to use in order to access your website.

The Experience

A key aspect that keeps your customers on your site is the experience that is offered to them. When you have such a large number of people coming to you while using a smaller screen than your site was originally designed for, you must ensure that the version of your site works perfectly. Optimizing your site for mobile use is a loaded project. It includes making it so mobile viewers can directly click your company phone number to begin calling your business, that text is easy to read, that images are coming in clearly, and much more.

WordPress is an easy-to-use website builder and host that can help you cater your content to a mobile audience. If you do not feel prepared to host your own website, HostGator, Kinsta, SiteGround, and BigMarker are all sites offering website hosting among other business development tools.

The Apps

Much like smartphones being used to access your site, people are downloading mobile apps of their favorite companies to have an optimized experience. Getting the proper company to create a custom-built app for your site could end up paying for itself and then some.

Once your site is optimized for the browsing of smartphones and tablets, consider setting a company milestone of a custom app that your audience will be able to download on Apple and Android devices.

Idea Labs Consulting is an Austin-based team of coaches and consultants helping small businesses solve a wide range of business problems since 2011. Our team is composed of experienced entrepreneurs and technical experts.

We offer three distinct ways to work with you based on your current needs.

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While there are plenty of sources for start-ups and small businesses to receive help, funding, and mentorship, Idea Labs operates like a marketplace by meeting the needs of your business ecosystem. As opposed to the common consulting and business coaching trope of increasing billable hours or project scope in order to maximize revenue, we prefer to be a place you can depend on during crucial stages of your business journey.

We can help connect where you are now and where you want to be.

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