A small business coach works on a business plan.

Should You Fire Your Business Coach?

Unfortunately, not all business partnerships work out the way we hoped they would.

In this article, we’ll give you five signs that it’s time to part ways with your business coach and a few key qualities to look for in a successful business coach.


Sometimes personalities just don’t fit well together and it’s no one’s fault. If your business coach rubs you the wrong way then it’s to both of your benefit to end the partnership early.

It will be difficult or even impossible to have honest conversations if your personalities don’t mesh well. Remember that your business coach should be someone you are comfortable trusting.


It’s important to remember that nobody can turn your entire business around in a single day. Still, if you have been with your business coach for a while and have yet to see an impact on your business, then it might be time to reconsider the partnership.

A good business coach should help you set goals to grow your business and then be invested in seeing you achieve them.

False Promises

You should be wary of any business coach who tells you they can guarantee that you will make a certain dollar amount based on the services they provide.

A business coach should say something along the lines of, “I can build a marketing strategy to help you grow your business”.

These claims will then be backed-up with strategies and tools they plan to use.

Attaching a dollar amount is often a false promise because there is no way to guarantee a specific monetary result.


Your business coach should be accessible and professional when setting up meetings and deadlines.

People get flat tires and kids get sick sometimes, but if your business coach is constantly canceling meetings at the last minute then you might have a problem.

Hiring a business coach is an investment, so it’s fair to expect a reliable service in return.

When looking for a New Business Coach

Finding the right business coach doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Start by asking other small businesses who they look to for business consulting.

Positive recommendations from other clients are one of the first things you should seek in a potential business coach.

Once you’ve narrowed down the playing field, look for someone with plenty of industry experience.

An experienced business coach will be able to prioritize potential ideas and opportunities as well as gauge the severity of various threats or problems.

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