Google Plus Is Lacking Vanity Addresses

Google Plus, though not the most used of the social networks, is a clean and engaging network that many users endear for good reasons. The complex options yet simple design aspects of Google Plus make it particularly inviting to businesses that want their image to be displayed in a clean and meaningful manner.

But did you know, as of April 2013, Google still hasn’t allowed the majority of its users to get a personal (AKA “vanity”) G+ web address?

How Do They Exist?

“But wait, Idea Labs Consulting, I’ve seen Google Plus vanity addresses!  Many companies’ Google Plus pages I visit have a proper vanity domain such as”

That is correct! Many celebrities and companies have been given vanity address from Google’s nonpublic set of rules that these globally branded companies or celebrities are meeting.  The rest of us?  This is roughly what your google plus links look like:

Pretty unappealing.

Let’s Compare

Pardon the plug but take a look at the Idea Labs Consulting social media links.  You’ll notice every other major social network allows for custom addresses.

Obviously, the Google Plus link is a complete mess.  There is almost no way a company or entrepreneur would be willing to put a long link similar to that on a business card!  Even worse, the lack of personal addresses may annoy users and be a minor one of the causes that makes Google Plus’ engagement levels to keep going down.

How To Fix It

There is no completely proper way to fix it at the moment. We would like to present a workaround.  If you want to spend the time to learn the (surprisingly simple) ropes of URL “shorteners” that are found on numerous sites such as or then you can plug in your G+ page into one of those websites.  And, free of charge to you, your long link to your Google Plus page will look more like this:

This is not ideal but is a step in the right direction until Google decides to do what every other social network has done regarding providing their users with custom addresses.

Wrapping Up

Google Plus, people love you, but hurry up and give all of them the option to make custom URLs!

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